Fix & Fogg, the peanut butter makers from New Zealand, offer a variety of flavours, including smooth, crunchy, sweet, or savoury. All Fix & Fogg nut butters are vegan-friendly, palm oil-free, and NON-GMO certified, now conveniently available on the shelves of all Woolworths stores across Australia.

Fix & Fogg is dedicated to crafting peanut butter that fuels your adventures. Naturally nutritious, Fix & Fogg Peanut Butter is the perfect companion for toast, oats, or any journey you embark on. Wherever you go, Fix & Fogg is there, powering your adventures.

Discover a selection of 10 Fix & Fogg flavors at your local Woolworths stores across Australia and join us for a taste-test of our iconic flavors.

From the award-winning Fix & Fogg Everything Butter, packed with 8 nuts and seeds, to Choc Nut Butter, the ultimate blend of real chocolate and golden-roasted peanuts – the choice is yours!