Feels Botanical is a unique range of Australian Botanical Eau de vie grape spirits individually blended by hand in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

Each of our Eau de vie grape spirits are distilled with its own collection of three sustainably sourced and natural botanicals – creating a harmony of flavours that compliment a spectrum of moods, occasions and makes the perfect twist on a classic cocktail.

Velvety, delicate, complex, distinctive and versatile. We’re a 100% natural and sustainably sourced botanical Eau de vie grape-based spirit – free of gluten, grain and preservatives with no added sugar – that is proudly Australian made and owned.

Using high-quality ingredients, Feels promises a fresh and invigorating flavour profile that elevates even simple mixes. A combination of Feels with soda quickly transforms into a complex drink. Enjoy simply over ice, with your favourite mixer or as a twist on the classic cocktail.