Tea Grower and Dilmah Founder, Merrill J. Fernando was the World’s Most Experienced Teamaker. He founded Dilmah, named after his two sons Dilhan & Malik, as a family of tea growers championing quality, authenticity, and variety in tea. His Dilmah pioneered the concept of offering the World’s Finest Single Origin Pure Ceylon Tea in 1985, disrupting an exploitative colonial industry to become the World’s First Producer-Owned Tea. Dedicated to benefit the farmer, Dilmah is committed to authenticity and to serving humanity with kindness to people and nature. Unlike other tea companies we grow our own tea, then pick the best leaves by hand and pack it garden fresh, right here in Sri Lanka.

Dilmah is known for being an Ethical Tea because 15% of our pre-tax profits are used to fund the numerous initiatives by the MJF Charitable Foundation and Dilmah Conservation established by Merrill J. Fernando himself to fulfil his philosophy of making “Business a Matter of Human Service”.