Brothers at War came from humble beginnings. Commencing in 2013 with a tonne of Shiraz, the Brothers’ vision started as nothing more than a fun way for two boys in their twenties to occupy a weekend. In 2014, they added a parcel of Cabernet, and with that, their “Fist Fight” Shiraz and “I’m Always Right” Cabernet were born.

Picking up some other guys along the way, such as their grape grower Chris Alderton, the Brothers vision has organically grown into a shared passion to create world class wines from small parcels of exceptional fruit.

Now in their thirties, and as fathers themselves, the Brothers’ are taking themselves a little more seriously after a wealth of award-winning wines and accolades under their belt. Together, this group of family and friends, are continuing to stake their rightful claim in wine, while keeping a family tradition alive (not without a few fist fights here and there).