Based in Orange, NSW surrounded by the rolling farmland from which we source are ingredients.
Award winning preserves, savory chutneys and relishes that celebrate the abundance of fruit grown in our region. Balanced spices that make for unique taste sensations, naturally vegan, preservative and gluten free.
Apple cider vinegar brewed with turmeric, ginger, garlic and onion creates a smooth flavor and enhances the benefits that ACV can bring. The addition of chili makes it perfect to splash on any salad.
Live culture drinks are brewed daily for maximum potency and infused with fruit combinations for a distinctive tasting experience, without alcohol.
We live and work at an altitude of 865m, giving the olives we grow a characteristic flavor, combined with vinegar and herbs from our garden to make a visually spectacular assortment of table olives, with a taste to match.
Our business strives to create and deliver products that will engulf the palate in tasting pleasure. Allergy friendly products are a foundation of our business along with the desire to make living culture foods and beverages for optimal gut function.