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Hart of the Barossa

Hart of the Barossa is a family owned artisan wine brand, created by vintners Alisa & Michael Hart.  Planted in 1902, the Hart block is the oldest certified organic vineyard in the Barossa Valley.

”Our passion is to create bold and authentic wine from the purest grapes nature can offer; reflecting the seasons, our sustainable farming and natural winemaking philosophy.  Wine that is better for our health, better for the environment and absolutely taste better!”

Meet the Maker

Michael and Alisa Hart

Tell us your story – what got you involved in wine making?

Michael and Alisa Hart are the owners and vintners of Hart of the Barossa.  Their ancestors were amongst the first free settlers to arrive in South Australia in 1845 and carved out a home in a hollow tree on the banks of the North Para River.  Today Michael and Alisa uphold the Hart spirit, custodians of a fertile patch of terroir in the heart of the Barossa.

What’s your favourite wine from your own range that you’d recommend our visitors trying at the Good Food & Wine Show?

Our flagship Old Vine Shiraz, we only make 1-2 barrels per vintage from our Old Vines planted in 1902.


Tell us 1 thing that makes your own wines so special?

Our Old Vines were planted in 1902 and have always been farmed without chemical.  We didn’t change to organic, we’ve maintained sustainable farming methods since the vines were planted.

If you could only drink one wine for the rest of your life, (hard one, we know!) what would that be and what food would you pair it with?

With a winery in the Barossa, would have to say Shiraz, paired with good food and good company!

What wine from another Barossa Winery other than your own would you recommend visitors trying? Any hidden gems this year?

Grape growers on the valley floor, we have the ideal climate for bold Barossa reds but we appreciate some of the white varietals from the higher part of the region, Eden Valley.  Suggest visitors try any of the Eden Valley Rieslings.

For visitors planning a trip to the Barossa, what would you recommend them including in their itinerary of what not to miss?

Visit Stonegarten Vineyard, on top of the hills between Tanunda and Eden Valley, with a bottle of wine at sunset.  Ask the locals how to get there.

The wines that you will showcase at the Good Food & Wine Show are:

Shiraz Rose’, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz & Old Vine Shiraz

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