Top Apps for Cooking


Designed to be the ultimate kitchen tool, Yummly is an online recipe database with over 1 million recipes that allows you to search based on cuisine, occasion, diet, nutrition, allergies, cooking time, difficulty and more. You can also save your favourite recipes and arrange them into categories, like your own little cookbook.


Mixologist is the perfect app for the cocktail enthusiast or amateur bar tender. You tell the app what alcohol you have on hand and it will generate a list of recipes for classic combinations or delicious cocktails that you could make.


A super simple app that makes life a whole lot easier in the kitchen, Amount converts measurements so you will always know how much of an ingredient you need regardless of the recipe you are using.

Top Apps for Eating Out

There are tons of third party delivery apps on the market that allow you to shop from wide range of restaurants in the one place and get meals delivered to your door, such as MenuLog and Eatnow. A favourite is Deliveroo, which is currently delivering dishes from restaurants in Melbourne and Sydney, with plans to expand soon.

Keep an eye on Uber in this space. They are currently trialing a user generated food delivery service in several countries and it won’t be long before we see it come to Australia. Other apps such as Home Cooked take it one step further, with local everyday people preparing and sharing food with their neighbours.


Ever found yourself wandering aimlessly looking for a place to eat? Just the other day you thought of somewhere you wanted to try but now you just cant quite remember where it was. Matchbook allows you to ‘bookmark’ restaurants and cafes as you discover them and then later search them on an interactive map so you will be able to see what’s nearby when you are looking for somewhere to eat.

Top Apps for Boozing


Vivino is your new best friend when it comes to finding the perfect wine at the best price. Simply take a photo of a wine label and the app will return a list of customer reviews and the average price of a bottle. You can also save notes on wines that you have enjoyed to remember for next time. Check out Untapped for the beer alternative.

Wine Glass

You sit down, look at the wine list and when the waiter asks, you panic and pick one at random. Well worth the $5 price– Wine Glass is your secret pocket sommelier. Take a photo of the wine menu and the app will generate an interactive version that allows you to sort by price, ratings and food pairings. Bound to impress at your next dinner date.

Top Tech Device


Keeping count of your calories, sugar and protein intake can mean endless hours spent studying packaging in the supermarket, but a clever little device is about to change all this. SCiO is a pocket-sized device that can measure the molecular makeup of just about anything. This means it has the potential to not only tell you what you are eating, but also how much protein, fat, energy etc. is in each bite. It could even tell you if your food contains something that you are allergic to or might give you food poisoning. Still in its initial stages, SCiO is currently turning to its customers to help develop the apps that will allow it to reach its potential.