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John McLeay

John McLeay

Melbourne, Australia

Executive Chef for Red Spice Road, Red Spice QV and Burma Lane

John McLeay’s love affair with Asian food began in his early twenties on a trip to Thailand. Overwhelmed by a symphony of new sights, smells, sounds, flavours and exotic ingredients, John started his culinary adventures through Asia and has never looked back.

When John McLeay fell into cooking, the thought of regular travel to Asia as part of his job was not even a consideration. Fast forward to the present and John does just that with his role as Executive Chef at Red Spice Road, Red Spice QV and Burma Lane taking him on regular trips to Thailand, Vietnam and surrounds. These regular sojourns help to fuel John’s passion and expertise for South East Asian cuisine.

With extensive experience under his belt from restaurants such as the Livebait, Botanical, No 3 Station Pier and the Establishment, John was a natural fit when he accepted the reins at Red Spice Road in late 2007. He quickly cemented his reputation behind the woks of this iconic laneway restaurant, with The Age Epicure lauding his food as “uniformly impressive”.

When John took over QV and it was finally up and running, he found that coming to QV was quite a shock. It was very difficult to leave McKillop Street. It was like leaving a partner. He used to drop around to McKillop Street every night after leaving QV. And now he’s got Burma Lane to think about.

If one were to corner John to ask his influences, his response is usually threefold namely Melbourne, Work Experience and Travel.

Firstly, his hometown Melbourne – a hotbed of inspiration that is second to none. John loves eating out and enjoys the wonderful variety this great city has to offer. He is proud of his contribution to the food scene in Melbourne and takes great joy in enjoying its fruits. He is a regular in the foodie circuits and is well known and respected by many of his peers – a rich reward for his steadfast dedication to the industry.

Secondly, his resume tells a story of hard work and mentoring that has brought him to where he is today. From his time as a young apprentice at the Australia Hotel through to now, flashes of his past can be seen in both his leadership and his menu style. But of all his experience, he proudly nominates his time under Cath Claringbold at Livebait as his most influential. The discipline and knowledge gained from this internship has tooled him for life and has been tantamount to his success at Red Spice Road. It was this close mentorship that encouraged John to share his knowledge through the William Angliss Great Chef’s program and reciprocal work experience through Hanoi’s KOTO (Know One Teach One). His proudest achievement has been the publication of his cookbooks with his bestseller selling over 10,000 copies in twelve months – The Red Spice Road Cookbook, Bits on Sticks and The Road to QV.

And lastly, his regular trips to South East Asia ground his knowledge in traditional methods and ingredients. He uses this knowledge to design dishes that appeal to the Western palate, whilst avoiding the overly used Modern-Australian moniker that is bantered around much too frequently. His favourite pastime is wandering through the cities and villages, sampling the different street food along the way, marvelling at and learning from the speed and freshness of the locals and reflecting on ways he can adapt it back home.

You can taste John’s passion for the unique Asian flavours found in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Burma, Laos and Japan, which he re-interprets with a generous dash of modern Australian style back in the Red Spice Road and Burma Lane kitchens.

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