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Food Wonderland

Step right up to Food Wonderland

Do you yearn to explore an exciting new world… Of food and drink that’s beyond comprehension for people with sensitive teeth? Food Wonderland – the place where your palette will learn the luxury of freedom to experience a range of amazing flavours.

Open up to new taste experiences – hot, cold, and citrus – when you weave your way through a Food Wonderland at this year’s Good Food and Wine festival.

Specially designed to cater for sensitive teeth, one step through the mysterious hexagon will open your eyes to the potential enjoyment of amazing foods when you harness the power of Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief™ Extra Protect toothpaste.

Dance with delicious at the Soup Soiree

What is this wonderment, stewing in a pot? Unleash your new found confidence and embrace the hot and steamy flavours of sensational soups inspired by the continental capital.

Match fire with flavour at The Flying Sizzle

Now you can do more than just watch the food fly off the hotplate. Enjoy the pyrotechnics of our top teppanyaki chef – with your teeth now tempered to take the heat and keep you in the kitchen longer.

Scream for more at the Sci-Cream Lab

Our mad scientists are always hungry for subjects to test their latest nitro-frozen desserts on. Find the confidence to discover what’s at the cutting edge of cold and frozen foods.

Bring more zing to your mouth at the Zing Bar

Please your palate without any pain at the Zing Bar. Will our mocktail maestros find your threshold for refreshment? Or will your love for citrus beverages prove limitless?


Always read the label. Use only as directed. See your dentist if symptoms persist.

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