We had a quick catch up with Wine Selectors wine expert Adam Walls to find out how he got into wine and all his favourite tipples.

Adam Walls will be at all four Good Food & Wine Show’s this year talking all things wine in the Wine Selectors Cellar Door masterclasses.

How did you get into wine judging?

For a solid technical and theory background I undertook the AWRI Advanced Wine Assessment Course (AWAC) and completed the WSET Diploma – I then emailed every wine show that I wanted to attend and begged for a place!

What is the most number of wines you’ve had to taste in one sitting?


How do you keep a clear head and clear palate when doing a Wine Selectors Tasting panel/wine judging session?

Palate wise cheese, olives and mineral water help. For a clear mind being able to turn your concentration on and off is very helpful. Believe it or not but I find tasting fitness a real ‘thing’. The more you do it the easier it becomes!

Was the wine industry always your plan?

No. Spirits were my first love and still is a passion – I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but the allure of spirits bit me early.

Do you have a favourite varietal?

Ummmmm no. Champagne would be my death row wine.

What wine region is your favourite? Why?

From the limited places I have visited it would be Alsace. The countryside vistas in combination with the old world charm of the villages, the cross of French and German culture, the rich decadent food, the great wine, the fact it hardly rains – magic!

Most expensive bottle of wine you’ve ever consumed?

2010 CHATEAU MARGAUX 1er cru classe was rather expensive at around $1800.

What beer does a wine expert drink?

I love Melbourne Bitter, Balter XPA and Mismatch Brewing Co Session Ale – all are so lovely.

Is there a wine that takes you back to a favourite place or moment?

I cannot remember the winery name but it was a birth year (82) Chianti Classico in the wineries car park in December out of plastic cups with good mates!

Best wine for the beach?


What did you drink as a student?

Bourbon – still do. Mothers milk!

Is there any particular wine that would never pass your lips?

I don’t think so no – I’ll give most things a sip.

What’s your favourite thing about the Good Food & Wine Show!?

I love the energy of the place. It’s a gathering of like-minded folk. Anyone who loves food, booze and the best of it generally loves to have a good time and at every GFWS you can feel that vibe!

Thanks Adam Walls!