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Blowfly Wines

Stand P33

As our brand Blowfly might imply, convention is not our driving force. Preferring to be labelled passionate, if somewhat deranged pioneers in a new region, we are simply wine lovers on an indulged exploration into the sensual mysteries sealed within the skin of the humble grape.

Contact Details

1300 060 030

Address: 4 Walkers Dr

Suburb: Balmoral


Country: Australia

Postcode: 4171


bluebottle RED 2008

dark cherry, plum & jonquil nose, hint of white pepper, earthy & smoky, with plenty of ripe fruit & smooth tannins. this is a shameless hussy of a wine– it goes with almost anything. pair with most meats (except dark game), fish, spicy (chilli) dishes, & even vegetarian

greenbottle Brut Reserve NV

a sparkling chardonnay/pinot noir: fresh berry fruit flavours with a slight yeasty complexity. a softly textured & creamy, persistent flavour with a crisp natural acid finish. pairs well with oysters, duck liver pâté, gruyère.


Aged 8 to 13 years, these are wines that focus on how certain varietals develop over time: Chambourcin; Merlot; Petit Verdot and Shiraz.

Cease & Desist

Reserve Wines aged 9 to 11 years. Select barrels blended to produce distinct Bordeaux and Rhone styles: the Dorbeaux and the Val Cuna.


Aged 9 to 12 years. Rich passito style wines made by semi-drying berries prior to pressing.

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