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100% Authentic Biltong (Air-Dried Jerky), freshly made with 100% Aussie Beef, with no added preservatives, using our authentic traditional family recipe

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Address: U10 / 107 Old Pittwater Rd

Suburb: Brookvale

State: NSW

Country: Australia

Postcode: 2100


Wagyu Beef Biltong (Air-dried Wagyu Beef Jerky)

What happens when you combine some of the best beef in the world with our proprietary spice formula? Absolute bliss, that's what! This air-dried delicacy is lovingly made from premium Aussie Wagyu beef topside. Marbled, with a rich and creamy consistency and mushroomy notes – Wagyu biltong is truly something special

Soft Beef Biltong (Air-dried moist beef jerky)

This traditional air-dried delicacy is lovingly made from premium Aussie topside beef and marinated in our special spice formula, which has attracted a loyal following of customers. Truly a cut above the rest!

Beef Biltong Snapsticks (Air-dried beef jerky)

These air-dried beef biltong snapsticks are really tasty and come marinated in four great flavour options, using our famous proprietary spice recipe. Because they're prepared as thin strips, they're easier to eat. Biltong snapsticks are the perfect snack for picnics, your favourite beverage, hikes, or right about now!

Beef Dry Wors (Air-dried gourmet beef sausage)

Air-dried beef sausage made from a gourmet beef mince mix

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