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Tempting Truffles

The complex and alluring nature of truffles has captivated civilisations for centuries. Revered by the Egyptians, coveted by the Greeks and Romans, and favoured by French aristocracy, truffles have long been a luxurious delicacy reserved for the rich and powerful. Even today where they are more accessible, the intensive hands-on nature of the growing process and […]

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Seasonal Produce – August

Nashi This crisp, juicy fruit is an Asian variety of pear but has the appearance of an apple with pale light yellow skin. Often referred to as ‘Nashi Pear’, the word ‘Nashi’ is actually Japanese for pear. Nashi are a great low calorie snack and a good source of soluble fibre, antioxidants, vitamin C and […]

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Anna Gare's Poached Egg

Anna Gare’s Poached Egg with Proscuitto and Truffles

Local Perth ‘foodie’ Anna Gare is a home cook who has carried her expertise across multi-media realms- including television, writing cookbooks and performing at food events and festivals around Australia. Presenter of Junior MasterChef & the Great Australian Bake Off, author of two well-received cookbooks, and designer of a retro kitchen range, Anna is passionate […]

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Seasonal Produce – July

Grapefruit Tangy grapefruits are the perfect antidote to dreary winter weather. With a potent dose of vitamin C it has fantastic immune boosting properties to help ward off colds. It is also a good source of dietary fibre and folate, and pink grapefruit contain lycopene, which is an anti-cancer agent. Golden yellow grapefruits have a […]

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cooking oils

Guide to Cooking Oils

Choosing a cooking oil is one of those things that seems like it should be an easy task, until you get to the supermarket and face the overwhelming plethora of options available. Nutritionists and food scientists have done a lot of research into the health benefits of different types of oil and how they interact […]

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Seasonal Produce – June

Star Fruit Star Fruit, or Carambola, is a tropical little burst of summer during the cool winter months. This unusually shaped fruit gets its name from its long ridges that create a star shape when the fruit is cut. Star fruit ripens from green to a sunny yellow colour and has firm, juicy flesh that’s […]

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smoked foods


From Smokin’ Barry’s smoked BBQ ribs, to the delicate smoked broth at Quay Sydney, the technique of smoking food is a favourite across the culinary world. For food enthusiasts the process can become very addictive, because as you are about to find out it opens a whole world of possibilities and endless trial and error […]

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food mash ups

Good Food MashUp

Australians are an adventurous bunch of foodies. We love trying different cuisines and reinventing recipes. But where do we draw the line? In the lead up to this year’s Good Food & Wine Shows we surveyed Australian foodies to learn more about their food loving ways and came out with some surprising results and some […]

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