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types of salt

Worth One’s Salt

Salt could very well be the most used ingredient in cooking. It transcends across cuisines and dishes, from a beef tagine to an apple teacake. Salt intensifies sweetness and can counteract bitterness. And of course, it adds its own deliciously salty flavour. While all salt is made up of sodium chloride, some varieties contain additional […]

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Seasonal Produce – May

May is a treat for the senses with beautiful seasonal produce that will bring unusual colours, textures and flavours to your dishes. Custard Apple With its pale green, bumpy skin and irregular heart-like shape, Custard Apples might not look like the most appealing fruit from the outside. However, on the inside its soft white flesh […]

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pana chocolate

Sweet Success

It’s every chocoholic’s dream, turning your guilty pleasure into a full-time career. But for Melburnian, Pana Barbounis, he turned this sweet obsession into a guilt-free treat. “I grew up in a family that was passionate about sharing food and food experiences together, in true European style. Food, to me, is everything. It’s medicine. It’s experience. […]

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ugly vegetables

Inglorious Vege

You can’t judge a book by its cover and often those things considered “ugly” are most beautiful on the inside. From French bulldogs to Birkenstocks, everyone is falling in love with inner beauty. Now the food industry is embracing our love of “ugly” and reducing food waste in the process. Anyone that grows their own […]

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Seasonal produce april

Seasonal Produce – April

April is a great month for healthy, bright, colourful produce. Here’s a few of our favourites. Persimmons If autumn were a fruit, it would be persimmon. This beautifully ornamental fruit varies from light orange to deep red and has a subtle flavour that most closely resembles a peach. Persimmons are high in dietary fibre, which […]

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Cookbook Essentials

Cookbook Essentials

Whether you’re a beginner seeking weeknight dinner inspiration or an aspiring masterchef looking to hone your skills, the cookbook is an invaluable resource for all food enthusiasts. To help you build your collection, we have put together a list of our top five essential cookbooks. The Cook’s Companion by Stephanie Alexander The Cook’s Companion has […]

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Seasonal Produce – March

Welcome to autumn! Here’s our handy guide to what’s in season this month. Rhubarb Vibrant rosy-red rhubarb is at its very best in the autumn months. Rhubarb has fleshy stalks and lush green leaves. However, despite their enticing appearance, rhubarb leaves contain oxalic acid, which can be toxic and are best avoided. When choosing rhubarb, […]

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modern indian

Modern Indian

With a melting pot of cultures, Australia has a strong heritage of re-imagining traditional cuisine into fresh, modern dishes. The Aussie food scene is great at taking favourite flavours that are already amazing and reinventing them into something even more delicious to suit our ever-evolving palates. Most recently, we’ve seen the rise of modern Vietnamese, […]

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