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Spirited Ouzo

There is an old saying that ‘ouzo makes the spirit’, and as the largest consumers of Ouzo in the world, Greek culture certainly has no shortage of spirit, or kefi. The national drink of Greece and Cyprus, Ouzo is an anise-flavoured aperitif. The flavour is often likened to absinthe, but with a smoother finish. Ouzo […]

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summer wines

Guide to Summer Wines

Summer is approaching and with it warm days spent enjoying good friends, good food and good wine. While a crisp refreshing white is often the go-to choice for hot weather, sticking to this ‘golden rule’ might mean you are missing out on some wonderful pairings. Ultimately, if you choose a light wine that can be […]

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Retro Revival

For a long time sherry has suffered from an association with Nan’s retro liquor cabinet, but now more and more people are starting to pay attention to what wine writers have long touted as a thoroughly underappreciated wine. A new breed of sherry has cast of its retro reputation and is making waves across the […]

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Indian pale ale

Indian Pale Ale

IPA’s seem to have come out of nowhere in the last few years to quickly become a firm favourite amongst craft brewers and a staple on tap in bars across Australia and the world. This refreshing and hoppy brew seems to be made for today’s modern drinking culture, however the modern Indian Pale Ale we […]

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wine collection

How To: Start A Wine Collection

We all love a drop or two of Sav Blanc with dinner and impressing our friends with our choice of Shiraz- but taking that next step from wine enthusiast to collector can seem intimidating. We chat to Rory Kent, wine expert and founder of the Young Guns of Wine Awards, to learn how easy and enjoyable […]

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Secrets of Sake

Steeped in the mystery of thousands of years of tradition, sake is enjoyed as much for its beautiful rituals as it is for its complex and intriguing taste. Originating in the Nara period 700AD,  production has always been revered as a highly respected craft and the role of the Toji, or sake brewer, was likened […]

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Dark Drafts

Decadent stouts are the perfect drink for cold winter nights curling up by the fire, and the dark chocolate appearance makes this robust drink all that more alluring. But what exactly are stouts? And where do they come from? And how do they differ from porters? Well, we can thank the British for both. Porters […]

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No Way Rosé

Once considered too frivolous to be taken seriously, rosé wine has cast off its bad reputation to make a raging comeback amongst wine enthusiasts. While the French have always known the joys of a cold refreshing glass of rosé, the rest of the word is beginning to catch up thanks to a trend in light, […]

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