Laucke Creative Kitchen

The Laucke Creative Kitchen at the 2015 Show was there to help provide midweek meal inspiration.

Visitors learnt to cook delicious dishes from Sammy & Bella who took inspiration from the products available at the Show to create simple and easy-to-make meals. They provided quick and easy cooking hints and tips aimed at effortlessly turn weeknight efforts into a celebration of food.

The Kitchen was included with general entry/VIP Lounge tickets.

Sammy & Bella Jakubiak

Sammy & Bella Jakubiak

Sisters Sammy and Bella are your best friends in the kitchen. The fun and passionate home cooks inspire people to rediscover their family food traditions, be creative in the kitchen with their everyday recipe ideas, and share the joy of food with people they love. As the 2011 My Kitchen Rules winners, the dynamic duo keep busy with their catering businesses Sammy’s Burger Bar and Bella’s Feast.

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