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The Taste of Korea, Hansik

Watch, learn and sample at our newest feature: Taste of Korea, Hansik

Become an expert in ‘Hansik’ at the Brisbane show this year. The unique and exciting Taste of Korea, Hansik gives you the chance to learn about traditional Korean cuisine in a fun and enjoyable environment. Watch Korean chef C.H. Shin demonstrate his skills live on stage, learn how to make two of the most delicious Korean dishes and even sample the delicacies afterwards.

Best of all, this is FREE! First in, best dressed.

Take a look below at the dishes you’ll be learning how to make.

Gondeure Jangajji Yukhoe Pastry

The first dish you’ll learn how to put together is a pickled thistle (gondeure jangajji) pastry garnished with beef tartare (yukhoe). The seasoning is made from onion pickled vegetables (jangajji) and red chilli paste (gochu-jang) . A red chill paste aioli sauce softens the yukhoe and adds both the delicious and sour taste. Once mixed with the dried yolk and pickled thistle, it gives a deep and savoury taste. Inspired by Korean cuisine, the menu uses puff pastry to appeal to the tastebuds of those around the world.

Jjimdak Kromesky with Neungi Mushroom

Chicken braised in soy sauce (jjimdak) in a fried croquette (kromesky) with Neungi mushroom is a croquette made by frying mashed, braised chicken and chicken feet together with a bread powder. The soy sauce (Ganjang) soaks into the soft stuffing inside the fried croquette to give it a delicious taste. The dish is then garnished with Cheongyang red pepper sauce and the fried croquette is topped with a dusting of bread crumbs and Neungi mushroom powder to add to the autumn feel.

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