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Secrets of Sake

Steeped in the mystery of thousands of years of tradition, sake is enjoyed as much for its beautiful rituals as it is for its complex and intriguing taste. Originating in the Nara period 700AD,  production has always been revered as a highly respected craft and the role of the Toji, or sake brewer, was likened […]

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Anna Gare's Poached Egg

Anna Gare’s Poached Egg with Proscuitto and Truffles

Local Perth ‘foodie’ Anna Gare is a home cook who has carried her expertise across multi-media realms- including television, writing cookbooks and performing at food events and festivals around Australia. Presenter of Junior MasterChef & the Great Australian Bake Off, author of two well-received cookbooks, and designer of a retro kitchen range, Anna is passionate […]

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Seasonal Produce – July

Grapefruit Tangy grapefruits are the perfect antidote to dreary winter weather. With a potent dose of vitamin C it has fantastic immune boosting properties to help ward off colds. It is also a good source of dietary fibre and folate, and pink grapefruit contain lycopene, which is an anti-cancer agent. Golden yellow grapefruits have a […]

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chef entrepreneur

Side Dish

If cooking up delectable dishes wasn’t enough of a challenge, this list of Australian chefs have set their sights on some interesting side projects to up the ante. Andrew McConnell Meatsmith Butcher Shop The newest addition to the club, Andrew McConnell of Cutler & Co and Cumulus Inc fame is continuing his streak of successful […]

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Dark Drafts

Decadent stouts are the perfect drink for cold winter nights curling up by the fire, and the dark chocolate appearance makes this robust drink all that more alluring. But what exactly are stouts? And where do they come from? And how do they differ from porters? Well, we can thank the British for both. Porters […]

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No Way Rosé

Once considered too frivolous to be taken seriously, rosé wine has cast off its bad reputation to make a raging comeback amongst wine enthusiasts. While the French have always known the joys of a cold refreshing glass of rosé, the rest of the word is beginning to catch up thanks to a trend in light, […]

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cooking oils

Guide to Cooking Oils

Choosing a cooking oil is one of those things that seems like it should be an easy task, until you get to the supermarket and face the overwhelming plethora of options available. Nutritionists and food scientists have done a lot of research into the health benefits of different types of oil and how they interact […]

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Seasonal Produce – June

Star Fruit Star Fruit, or Carambola, is a tropical little burst of summer during the cool winter months. This unusually shaped fruit gets its name from its long ridges that create a star shape when the fruit is cut. Star fruit ripens from green to a sunny yellow colour and has firm, juicy flesh that’s […]

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